Eden-Goodman Technical Consulting


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Technical Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience each, we are ready to help you with any of your technical needs.

Have you noticed that your computer seems sluggish?

Do you wish you had someone to help setup your network at home or in your office?

Are you considering purchasing new equipment but wonder if you might be able to buy time with upgrades instead?

Are you overwhelmed by the options that are available when you start browsing your local electronics store or website?

Are you worried you may be spending too much?

Are you concerned that your practice may not be using HIPAA-compliant solutions for email, backups, records management, etc?

We are able to assist with all of these concerns and more! Working together we can determine what you need and what your best options will be within your budget.


We have experience in a variety of areas and pride ourselves on our ability to explain things thoroughly in a way that you can understand. We truly believe there are no dumb questions and love helping! We can help with many topics including: 

Cameras & Accessories 

Photo management/editing software including Lightroom and Photoshop

Zoom, Skype, & FaceTime for working remotely 

Macs & PCs (and helping you switch between them!) 

Microsoft Office  



Mobile devices including phones and tablets

Networking and security 

Password management

Social networking 

WordPress & website development 

And much more! Just ask!



Sometimes you just need something done quickly and done right the first time. We can help you with your projects, too!

Over the years we have taken on a variety of projects including:

Purchase and setup new laptops, phones, and desktops

Migrating data from old devices and resetting the old devices to be handed to someone else

Scanning patient records to move offices from paper to electronic records

Website design

Setup office, home and VPN networks

Shopped for the best deal for phone and internet service

Setup home theater systems

Configured backup solutions

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can work together to find the best solution.