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Autumn Eden-Goodman is terrific!!! She shared her state of the art knowledge and secret tips with me as she met both my personal and professional computer needs. She also helped me gain control of decades of photos and taught me how to use Lightroom to make every picture perfect. Autumn is an excellent teacher. I can recommend her without reservation.

Suzanne Saul, PhD

Autumn was very helpful in migrating my EPKs to a new web service provider. We ended up going with SiteGround and she was able to just redirect my custom email addresses to my GMail so I don't have to keep using Mozilla Thunderbird to get them off a different server. Now she's also designing a new video editing workstation for me running Windows 10 since my old one is almost a decade old and struggles with high-resolution footage. Autumn always explains everything clearly, so I like that I'm not surprised by things missing or extra things I didn't need. She takes the time to understand my needs before just rushing in to things so I end up with something custom tailored for my needs. More than her technical knowledge I really appreciate her people skills!

Nicole Rachelle Sherburne

Eden-Goodman Technical Consulting is fantastic! My husband and I have each worked with Autumn and highly value her expertise. Autumn has helped us become more tech smart in our personal and business lives. She is a very patient teacher and has helped us with everything from iPhones and Password Safety to QuickBooks and Website development. She remains current and keeps us up to date in the rapidly changing tech world. Autumn is an absolutely excellent guide to help anyone navigate technology and the digital world.

Katey Conrad

First of all, Autumn really knows her stuff. As an ex-Microsoft employee I feel qualified to say she's at or beyond expert level. Beyond the technical, she's SO attentive, is a great listener, and is just an all around good human. I now live on the opposite coast, and still contact her for long distance help.

Torrey Hay John

I met Autumn when I first started in photography she really helped me grasp concepts and helped me gain a solid foundation to build upon. As I grew in my understanding and technical abilities she was right there to help me figure out storage systems for my work. She helped me as well, to make fine choices in color calibration and monitors and even helped me to make the best change ever, going from a PC to a Mac for my work load. Autumn is easy to work with and very patient when it comes to difficult learning processes. If I did not understand at first she worked with me until I got it, that is what a beginner needs to get a solid foundation. I would not be were I am today with out her help!!!! She will not let you down!!

Joan Garrett

Autumn was very patient with me - She knows computers and knows Adobe Lightroom and was able to show me how to properly set up a external hard drive and then find 67,000 files and match them to a Lightroom Library.

Scott S.

Autumn was very good at providing the answers to the questions that I needed. She was patient and explained the information in a manner that I could follow in a step by step process. I appreciated her help and know that she provided what steps I needed to complete my task. I enjoyed working with her, and would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for assistance.

Heather D.

Excellent Resource! Great teacher. Has a lot of patience.

Tuck Saul, PhD

I worked with Autumn on a State of California IT project, she was a part of our help desk team and always provided excellent help and advice to our users. System being upgraded was an old DOS-based system to a Windows off the shelf program. The system was a major change for our users currently some 5000 plus users.

Bill Stinnett, retired Maintenance Manager, Caltrans

Autumn Eden-Goodman has a beautiful spirit which energizes all of her works. Her expertise and knowledge are complimented by her kindness and genuine compassion. As a business owner, I highly recommend Autumn Eden-Goodman for your technical consulting needs.

Andrew Davis