Autumn is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in California but is now living in Ohio and excited to explore the East Coast! Inspired by nature and obsessed with color, her work focuses on scenic locations such as Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and New York as well as smaller flora and fauna that may otherwise go unnoticed.


As a lifelong learner, Autumn has a unique ability to quickly learn a new skill - whether it be hardware, software, or something in between - and then share this knowledge with others in an easy to understand approach to teaching. Have you acquired a new camera? Would you like to learn how to better use your existing equipment? Are you ready to make the leap from PC to Mac? Schedule time with Autumn to not only learn your equipment but to gain new skills and understanding that will exceed your expectations of what a "tutor" can do.

Technical Consultant

Have you noticed that your computer seems sluggish? Do you wish you had someone to help setup your network at home or in your office? Are you considering purchasing new equipment but wonder if you might be able to buy time with upgrades instead? Autumn is able to assist with all of these concerns and more! Click Contact Autumn below to discuss your issues and schedule time with Autumn.

More than just Autumn Eden Photography

When I started six years ago, I was just getting started as a photographer and selling prints here and there. Since then a lot has changed. I am still a photographer and I still sell prints but I have left the corporate 9-5 world and started working for myself doing what I love: teaching you how to become a photographer, showing you how to use technology, and making your technology work better for you.

I still make time for photography because it makes me happy. Spending time outside with my camera in the sunshine is truly one of the happiest places for me to be. When I am not out exploring the world with my camera, I am working with my clients on a variety of topics and projects:

Photography - From picking up a new camera to how to compose images, processing your photos in Lightroom or Photoshop, sharing your finished images with the world and managing an ever-growing photo library.

Computers - Whether you are moving from PC to Mac, looking to upgrade your existing equipment or purchase new equipment, or just want to hand the process over and be handed back a working machine, I can help you every step of the way.

Social Media - I can help you get started on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, show you how to manage your privacy settings, get you started with a Facebook business page and show you how to make the most of your advertising budget.

Everything else - I can help with a wide variety of tasks and issues such as: Making sure you are getting the service you pay for from your internet service provider, helping you and your office go paperless, get you started using e-commerce sites such as eBay and Etsy, helping you setup a backup solution and so much more!

Contact me to discuss your needs, see if I am the right fit for you and to schedule time to start working together.

Under the Bridge by Autumn Eden Photography
Under the Bridge by Autumn Eden Photography

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